Eagles Everywhere!

You are in the epicenter for bald eagles when you are in Wabasha.  Every March eagles migrate by the hundreds to the Upper Mississippi River where some of the only open water for miles around serves as their fishing grounds.  Many eagles will stop along the river on their yearly migration and many will stay year round, nesting in acres of pristine habitat.  The old cottonwoods, towering bluffs, endless fishing grounds makes Wabasha the place to see eagles in March – year round, too.bald eagle wabasha minnesota

Come visit the National Eagle Center in Wabasha! The NEC is an interactive museum that is fit for nature lovers and eagle fans alike.  Throughout March the NEC celebrates the bald eagle migration with live flying bird shows, animal shows and nature programming every weekend – check out their SOAR with the Eagles Festival.

You’ll spot us, eyes skyward, counting the eagles flying overhead.