Join our Minnesota Bed and Breakfast for the 2020 Grumpy Old Men FestivalWe’ve mentioned in previous blogs that Minnesota is an exciting and diverse state to explore in the winter, with offerings like cross country skiing, snowshoeing, downhill skiing, and just relaxing indoors at delightful places like our Bed and Breakfast.  We also try to have as much fun as possible during these winter months, which is how events like the Grumpy Old Men Festival have come to towns like Wabasha!  If you’ve seen the Grumpy Old Men Movie(s), then you’ll know that fishing was their life, even when the waters froze over in the winter.

Ice fishing is just as much a “thing” in Minnesota as it appears.  Why not get in on some of the wintry fun this year, and come visit us at the Turning Waters Bed and Breakfast?  Enjoy getting out on the water and having some good old fashioned Minnesota fun, followed by a warming pint of craft beer, brewed right here at our brewery.  The Grumpy Old Men Festival is coming up soon in February, so book your room now!

The Grumpy Old Men Festival Means Ice Fishing!

The 2020 Grumpy Old Men Festival will be held on February 28 – 29.  Though there is an incredible ice fishing contest over the weekend, the event really is about so much more than ice fishing.  Now entering its 27th year, the Grumpy Old Men Festival is really about getting together and celebrating, despite the bitter cold winter in Minnesota. Beyond ice fishing, the Grumpy Old Men Festival brings us live music, an ice-cold plunge into the Mississippi River (aka the “Grumpy Plunge,”) a costume contest, and more.

Join our Minnesota Bed and Breakfast for the 2020 Grumpy Old Men FestivalThough the event really kicks off on Friday, February 28th, there will be an event at the library on Thursday, February 27th focused on the history of the Grumpy Old Men films. If you want to stick around after the festivities, on Sunday the library will also so the groundbreaking film Decoding the Driftless, all about this incredible region we find ourselves in.

Friday events include a costume contest, a screening of the Grumpy Old Men films themselves, and live music and entertainment from 8 pm-midnight. On Saturday, February 29th, you’ll enjoy the bulk of the Grumpy Old Men Festival events, like the ice fishing contest, a hot-dish luncheon that features our very own Grumpy Specialty Beers, cribbage and Texas Hold’em Poker Tournaments, the 12th annual Grumpy Plunge, and so much more!  Throughout the day, there are bonfires to warm up by, plenty of drinks, food, music, and family entertainment.

What are you waiting for? Get on down to Wabasha for some incredible winter fun this year. We’re only 90 minutes from Minneapolis/St. Paul, making this an exceptionally easy day to escape the humdrum of winter.

The Best Wabasha Bed and Breakfast

Join our Minnesota Bed and Breakfast for the 2020 Grumpy Old Men FestivalIf you manage to come all this way for the Grumpy Old Men Festival, you’ll be looking for somewhere cozy to call it a night. Turn to the Turning Waters Bed and Breakfast, the only place in town that also operates its own craft brewery from right here in the back alley of our Inn. The guest rooms at our historic Bed and Breakfast are comfortable, cozy, and the perfect place to warm up after a cold day on the water.

Each morning of your stay, you’ll be greeted by the best breakfast you’ve ever had. Our 5-course breakfasts are legendary and feature a rotating menu of savory dishes and mouth-watering pastries using secret family recipes. We use the freshest ingredients possible, giving you the perfect source of fuel for the exciting day ahead! In the evening, cap off a perfect winter day in Minnesota with a pint of our deliciously crafted beer from the Turning Waters Brewery.

One stay with us, and you’ll never want to leave.  Come experience some classic Minnesota fun this winter, and book a room for the Grumpy Old Men Festival at our Minnesota Bed and Breakfast.